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【 セルビア人女性の演技講師マリアによる演技クラス 開催】 【 Chubuck Japan Acting Class by Marija 】

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【 セルビア人女性講師マリアによる演技クラス 】
【 Chubuck Japan Acting Class by Marija 】

Chubbuck Technique Workshop: Learning how to win. A path to a real, living, breathing character!!

【 Message from the teacher,Marija 】
Hello everyone! Nice to meet you!
My name is Marija Markovic.
I come from Serbia and I am an acting coach certified by Ivana Chubbuck Studio in Hollywood.
As you may already know, Ivana Chubbuck method has shown outstanding results in many countries all over the world, including Japan. I am proud to be the first Chubbuck certified coach in Tokyo who teaches in English and I hope to help Japanese actors pave the way to an international career! In these difficult times, Chubbuck technique will empower you and teach you how to win in life as well as in front of the camera.
We will break the script going through the 12 steps, applying both techniques described in the book and those acquired from my personal experience working with Ivana.
I am looking forward to working with you!
Here are the details and the requirements for application:
Admission fee: 4,000
Age: 18-50
Venue: Studio 543 @Hatsudai,Shinjuku

The number of participants is limited.
You are kindly asked to read Ivana Chubbuck`s book “The Power of the Actor” before the class and bring a pen and a notebook.

【 Contact and reservations 】
Please send your profile and a photo with contact details to…

【 Chubbuck Japan Website】

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